Honest Opinion portfolio

I would really appreciate some feedback on my portfolio. I still feel like I’m falling behind in a way. I usually just have time to work on something when I don’t work in a normal job retail, warehouse,etc. And usually I’m always into research and development more than doing a game since my game idea get to big for me to do alone.

Portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/shadowjonny

Hard to give feedback without knowing what you’re looking to achieve. Could you tell us something about your goals? E.g. do you want to work with games? What about games are you interested in contributing to? Or do you want to build a company, around one or more games? Maybe games is a gateway to film? Feedback will vary based on the answers to these kinds of questions. If your goal was to make an Artstation page, then I think you’re doing great!

Mostly been working on one game but recently I haven’t been working on it to expand my knowledge on other areas like Rigging, VFX , and shaders. But I mostly like to dive into research and development things that haven’t been build before. Mostly put things I have completed in my 4 years since I started learning game dev. But this year should be very interesting going to dive into graphic api programming and see if I make a blog along the way when building a software.

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