[Hiring] Unreal Technical Artist

CaveWorld is building the Metaverse one small step at a time starting from a PvP battle arena commissioned by the Cave King that will train Cavemen for the upcoming war.

We are a distributed team working fully remotely across many time zones.

As an Unreal Technical Artist on our still small team, you will have a variety of responsibilities working on various projects, including:

  • Take existing 3D content and perform necessary conversion / prep work to bring it into the product
  • Collaborate with the team to create high quality effects like fire, smoke, explosions, fluid simulations e.t.c
  • Perform technical setup, integration, and performance optimisation of assets within Unreal Engine
  • Do scene lighting setup and baking
  • Do in-engine cinematic animation and scene assembly

Some skills you are required to have to fit this role:

  • 3+ years of experience with UE4 game development
  • Experience with UE4 Blueprint and Materials
  • Working in a team that shipped at least one commercial game successfully
  • Working knowledge of the content creation tools and processes involved in real-time 3D asset production
  • Knowledge of particle systems in Unreal Engine
  • Understanding of shaders & best lighting practices

It would also be nice if you have the following experience:

  • Experience with one or more of the following: 3D asset creation, shader creation, rigging, procedural animation logic.

We encourage candidates of all genders, faiths, ethnicities, races and backgrounds to apply!

Contact Details:
Discord: MPovolotski#0479
Email : [email protected]

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