Graphics Programmer (Contract) needed at Bossa Studios

We are currently looking for a talented Graphics Programmer to work on I am Fish.

As a Graphics Programmer, you will help the art team achieve the vision for how the game should look, whilst ensuring that the game still performs well across a variety of hardware platforms. As part of the code team, you’ll help to implement and modify existing render pipelines to better suit the needs of the game, and create bespoke rendering technologies.

I Am Fish

I Am Fish is a larger than life adventure. You’re a small fish taking on a huge, towering, human world. After being fed some mysterious bread a group of fish have the overwhelming desire to return to the ocean.

The prototype version of the game has gained more than 17 million views on Youtube from top influencers such as PewDiePie, DanTDM and Markiplier, as well as over 81,000 hours watched on Twitch.

Click to watch the I Am Fish Prototype trailer


  • Work with the code team in Unity 3D to support the art team in achieving its vision for the game whilst ensuring it runs well across all target platforms
  • Maintain and optimise existing rendering systems, both CPU and GPU
  • Diagnosing and fixing of graphical and performance issues


  • Highly skilled with maths, shader programming, rendering pipelines, compute shader programming, graphics techniques and optimisation.
  • Unity 3D experience is essential, with SRP experience being a bonus
  • Experience of production development on PC and consoles
  • Experience of rendering natural phenomena like water, foliage and atmospheric effects desirable.

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