Good Biped Joint Hierarchy?

Attached are 4 images regarding my rigging question. One pic of the character and 3 pics of the Outliner.
This biped character will do only basic things; walk and do some rock climbing. I know there are many ways to arrange a characters joint hierarchy, but does this one look basically ok ?
I will be adding controls next, but wanted to see some reactions first.

Does look good. But to be save take a look at humanIK and the new metahuman Ureal rig.
Those two are a common standard.

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Thanks …solid advice.

Hey John,

You will have problems regarding the forearm_JNT placed in your Hierarchy. This would cause problems when using IK. arm joints should be the following the hierarchy shoulder_jnt>elbow_Jnt>wrist_Jnt. If your using roll(twist) joints, these should be leaf joints. This would mean your elbow joint will have two child joints. These being forearm_JNT and Wrist_JNT. Also look at Unitys document on skeleton setup too. I hope this helps.

Note: You could add an extra joint in for the base of the neck. It seems you only have a head joint and no neck jnt.