Get Paid for Learning Visual Effects?

I have a bit of a problem and I now need to seek outside of my comfort zone.

I am currently writing a book called, Real-Time Visual Effects for the Technical Artist. The text is near completion but I still have dozens of images to create and my publisher is getting anxious. I hired former students to help me with the images. Here lies the problem. Once they get going with the images, they learn a tremendous amount and sharpen their skills. In-fact they become so good they get great paying jobs! (Better than I can afford). I’ve gone through three effects artists in the last 5 months.

While it is not very much, the artists do get compensated. There are in-material, simulation and particle images to be done. Most of the work is done in UE4 but some Houdini, work is necessary for the vertex cache and pre-baked particle systems. There is also some Photoshop and Illustrator work.

I am reluctant to work with anyone but my students but I’ve run out of students and I need to get done in the near future. If you are looking for an opportunity to sharpen your VFX skills and get compensated, please get back with me, [email protected], and we’ll talk from there.

Thank you very much for your time and attention.