FX Pipeline Technical Director - Digital Domain

Digital Domain in LA/Vancouver and Montreal is hiring.
Interested, send your resume to [email protected]

Purpose of the job:
The FX Department is responsible for Houdini-centric procedural workflows for complex visual effects
including (but not limited to) volumetrics, simulation, and destruction.
The FX Pipeline TD is responsible for maintaining, troubleshooting, and improving the FX pipeline.
They design, implement, and manage tools that assist the digital artists with their daily use of both third
party and in-house software and systems. The role requires strong technical and communication skills,
as well as a firm understanding of Houdini, procedural workflows, software design, computer graphics,
and production workflow.
FX Pipeline TDs work with peers and supervisors to craft novel tools, techniques, and procedures, as
directed by the Department Head and the Domain Pipeline Supervisor. They also provide show support as needed for artists using the FX pipeline and toolset.

Essential Functions/Responsibilities:
● Ability to work with artists and other TDs to help design and create tools to be integrated into
Digital Domain’s existing pipeline. These tools will be created using a combination of custom
and commercial Python and C++ APIs.
● Work with FX Leads to augment the team’s workflows and toolsets to achieve specific goals of
the project.
● Work directly with artists to troubleshoot and fix problems.
● Craft and update documentation for tools, techniques, and workflows generated.

Education and/or Experience Required:
● 3+ years experience as a Technical Director.
● Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics or a related field and/or a combination
of education and experience that would be equivalent to that level of professionalism, problem
solving, and analytical skills.
● Proficiency in Houdini and related languages (HOM, VEX, HScript).
● Proficiency in Python.
● Familiarity with creating GUIs using PySide/PyQt.
● Experience with C++ or Houdini HDK a plus.
● Shot experience a plus.
● Proficiency in other professional graphics package Python/C++ APIs, including the Maya SDK,
and/or Nuke SDK a plus.

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