Frequently Asked Question

We do know that you guys have a lot of questions for us. In this post, we will answer some of the frequently asked questions.

  1. How can I use 3S’ service?
    You need to register an account to use our service. Account registration at 3S is completely free!! For more information, please visit our website through this link…/how-to-use/user-guide/quick-start/

  2. How much does 3S’ render service cost?
    We do have a pricing estimator tool but please keep in mind that the estimated cost from 3S Cloud Cost Estimator is for reference purposes only, the actual fees may be higher or lower than the estimate. So we recommend using our Free Preview Render feature in order that you can render a preview for free and get a more accurate cost & time estimate.

  3. How do I pay for the service?
    To render your scenes on our system, you will need to top up your balance by buying credits, and 1 credit equals $1. Now, we support 2 payment methods via Paypal or Debit/ Credit card. With 3S Cloud Render Farm, you just pay as you go. We only charge based on the actual time you render on our render farm, not including upload time or server startup time. Each user has a balance. each time you run a project, the amount corresponding to the render time charged is automatically removed from your balance.

  4. What softwares do 3S support?
    We support Blender, Maya, Houdini, 3Ds Max, Cinema 4D.

  5. Do 3S have all licenses of the softwares?
    We respect the copyright and have full legal software licenses on 3S Cloud Render Farm. You can find more information in this link

If you have any further questions, please leave us a comment so we can make it clear for you

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