Exclusive edge color change in UV editor


I faced a struggle to find out how to change only selected edge color (in deactivated mode) and if its possible to make it highlighted in Mayas UV editor. I am a bit lost so maybe you guys know how to do it or have any insights which could help to solve this out?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hope I got your question right, did you check color settings?
Windows>Settings/Preferences>Color Settings
Set desired colors in: Active(Tab)>Components(Dropdown)>Polygon edges

Strangely though, the changing the “Inactive” color doesn’t seem to have any effect.

Thank you for a response!:slight_smile:

Although sorry for a little miscommunication I actually meant a little different thing. Yes, I checked default color settings but my problem is that I want to mark different edges with a different color in UV editor.

Like for example.One edge could be purple and other could be yellow .

And yes, weirdly changing “Inactive” edge color doesn`t give any effect…