Did something change in Maya 2025 for creating plugins?

I am trying to create a custom Python plugin the same way I have for Maya 2020-2024. The plugin lives in the ProgramData/Audotdesk/ApplicationPlugins directory as a Python plugin. I have folders for Maya 2020-2024 with the same plugin file and it works just fine. I should mention that it is the same issue on Windows as Mac.

When mirroring this setup for Maya 2025, the plugin only shows as an init.py in Maya’s Plug-In Manager and obviously cannot be loaded. I can manually browse to it, and the plugin loads fine, but it is listed in the “Other Registered Plugins” and when restarting Maya, it is lost.

I have stripped down the plugin to bare bones but it still does not load, so this seems to be a Maya 2025 change.

Does anyone know what might be the issue?