Color coding Maya Commands in Pycharm

Hey Guys, Is there a way to have maya commands color coded in pycharm?
For example if you type cmds.polySphere() in the script editor, the text polySphere appears in blue. How can we achieve this in pycharm even if its in a different color?

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I use VS code and that works for that, I don’t know how to do it in pycharm so I switched

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You might find this useful:!topic/python_inside_maya/uHSO0bFbzx0

The author of MayaCharm hangs our here as @passerby, he might be able to help in more detail.

Thanks man for the links. Unfortunately i couldn’t find what I’m looking for. The discussions there are about how to properly link pycharm with Maya and get auto-completion.(which I had already successfully done)

Hey @passerby Is there a way to solve my issue?? I already have the plugin mayaCharm successfully installed.

Just so I’m clear, is the goal to get all functions colorized? Or just specifically the ones from the maya.cmds namespace?

just the key words from maya.cmds

So pycharm supports textmate bundles:

You can probably adapt the MEL tmLanguage from:

Basically you just need a standard python tmLanguage file, and add the MEL functions to it (that’s basically what Maya’s syntax highlighting is doing, its looking for mel functions and coloring them, which is why it doesn’t care what namespace you look for those strings in)

There might even be a Maya-Python tmLanguage out there already.

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Here you are


THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!! Thats what I needed!!

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