Ambitious mobile RPG seeking full-time tech artists, tech art director, pipeline developers, and tools devs. Remote or relocation available

Hi all!

I’m the general manager of a project in Barcelona with Scopely. We have a 90 person partner studio here building an ambitious, high end new RPG with a world-famous IP, the biggest IP we’ve ever had. This is our most important and expensive and creatively exciting in-development project.

The game is built in Unity with Unity and Maya tooling for artists and designers. We’re looking for several key roles which I’ll outline here:

  1. Technical Art Director
    Depending on profile, this person would oversee the pipeline, tooling, and tech art functions. Potentially also the tech stack for more technical profiles. We want to build the role and team around this person and not the other way around.

  2. Lead Technicall Artist
    Oversee a team that produces things such as shaders and shader technologies, pupil and lookat systems, artist workflows for characters and environments, etc. For the appropriate profiles the pipeline team may also fall under this role

  3. Pipeline Engineers/Lead
    Develop, optimize, and maintain our content pipeline. Work with Unity and our version control solution.

  4. Tech Artists (all levels)
    Roles for content integration and animation scripting and also central tech art responsibilities like systems, shaders, etc.

  5. Tools Developers (all levels)
    Maya tools, designer tools, Unity editor tools

If some or all of these types of skills are in your toolbox, I would love to speak with you about the project and then connect you to some members of our teams who actually know what they are talking about (I’m non-technical) to explore how we might work together.

We are open to relocating people to Barcelona for these roles or working with you full-time from anywhere in the world. We also pay above market for these roles and have bonus packages and benefits available across the board.

You can contact me directly with any interest or questions.

Thanks so much!

Jake Bales
VP Product and General Manager
Scopely - Barcelona
[email protected]

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