Your mesh library of choice

I’m curious what mesh representation libraries people here are using for deformation, rendering, simulation etc. There are quite a few:

… and many others. Some of these are buffer-based, some use half-edges, and then there’s the LibIGL approach of just storing it as an adjacency matrix. I’m interested if you have experience or advice regarding any of these.

Personally I’m looking for a good framework for realtime deformations - I need to build a mesh from face index buffers, and once built the topology is stable (so build speed isn’t a priority, and the structure itself can be cached). I can’t guarantee it will be manifold, or the standard of polygons it will contain, although adding a conversion step to and from a simplex mesh is totally feasible. I also don’t need to store loads of per-element attributes, or UVs.

Thanks for your help.