Xgen Aux Render Error



I’m having trouble when I try to render my hair on render farm however rendering works fine locally.

It gives me the error :

“// Error: XGen: Error in expression “StellaChestDetail::arnold_auxRenderPatch”. [] Error: Unexpected end of expression’:”

“// Error: line 1: XGen: Error in expression “body::arnold_auxRenderPatch”. […StellaGroom.abc] Error: Syntax error near ‘:’:”


“Error: Syntax error near ‘:’:”

I added file path with semicolon, exported patches for batch rendering and imported that .abc to aux render patch, changed render mode to batch render.

Funny thing is i didnt use any expression in my descriptions, so i’m not sure what is that error.

Any help will be appreciated and rewarded with cookies! :slight_smile:

Thank you