Working remotley for overseas companies

Hi there guys!

Recently with the down turn in the tech market ect, half of the workers at the company were I work were let go. Luckily I didnt but it has me wondering what the remote working scene is like Post-Covid? Do AAA games studios or VFX houses offer remote work for people living internationally? or do you meed to reside in the country? Most of the listings seem to require you to actually live the in country the studio is in, specially in the US. I asumme this is due to the complexity of international taxes or something. Any ways just wanted to get your thoughts! The oppurtunities in New Zealand are slim, so im try to come up with a plan B and C.

Regarding the US I guess main issue that in order to be able to work even remotely you need US work authorization (and if you have authorization it does not matter where you physically located).

Yes, though the work might not be considered full-time, rather they’ll just pay salary or an hourly rate without benefits. Tax and labor laws are an issue, as are the operational overhead of legal representation and government relations necessary to employ someone from out of country.