What paths to choose for becoming a Rigging TD



I love rigging and problem-solving. I want to choose Rigging as a career choice. Here is so far what I am capable of doing (https://vimeo.com/284604491). I don’t know codes nor facial rigs yet. So many things to learn and I am losing focus. I need help to make my path of becoming a rigger more focused. can anyone help me with the things I need to learn or what needs to be done first or later ?


Knowing code is not optional. If you don’t have any experience in python at all, I’d recommend that as your first priority - not only will it take a very long time to master, but it will immediately help you in rigging. When you can experiment with new rigs at the push of a button instead of taking the time to do it manually, you can learn all you want about rigging itself at a much faster pace.


I agree with EdArt. Learning to script in Python is an extremely valuable skill.

Learning to skin well is important too. If you can do good skinning, you can get rigs to 90% done without using any fancy deformers, corrective shapes or tricks. It will make you faster, and your rigs will run faster. Learning to skin well will also help you when you learn to rig faces.

The other thing I would suggest is to focus on improving your demoreel presentation. Wiggling rig controls in a fast time-lapse screen capture is not very useful to show what you can do. It is hard to see anything. It doesn’t look appealing. And it looks like everyone else’s rigging demoreel.

You can make your demoreel shorter AND look better by animating the features of your rigs. With a bit of animation and editing, you can make your demoreel stand out, and that will help you get work.


Hi EdArt,
Thank you.
I have already started to learn python. found some courses online like Edx.


Hi clesage,
Thank you. I will keep it in mind for future demo-reels. But as I am new to all of these thing I really don’t know what is a good demo reel or a bad one . any reference will be more than welcome :slight_smile:


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