What 3D package does your studio use?



[QUOTE=mikiex;1203]Mostly Max, Maya and Zbrush here and the odd other package.
The problem is a lot of people have strong feelings which package between Max and Maya should be the one everone uses.

It seems like we are being forced towards one way[/QUOTE]

Which way is that then?


Towards the Dark side! (or the Light side depending on you’re point of view :D: )

I agree one package is the best way, but none of the packages are perfect


We use Maya here at JunctionPoint.


pure MAX pipeline at Kunlun Games as well as FreeJoy Studios at Perfect world.


8 years later!
And studios are still stuck between Max and Maya.
If your toolchain is written around one package and you’re a big company, it’s almost impossible to change to another solution. I’m at a studio that uses both, and artists can choose. That’s a great idea, but it means that we have to double code the tools to cope with both…


In the last few years I’ve been in Mobu + Maya projects, then Mobu + Max.
Right now is Motionbuilder + Max + Maya for our current project.
I say freedom of choice is always good. I has its drawbacks, but keeps you flexible, and everyone happy.


Maya and Motionbuilder here.

We’re a tiny studio in Santa Monica but we’ve been able to handle the outsourcing for much larger studios thanks to Motionbuilder. We use it for previz, layout and final body animation. We have a robust pipeline for automating almost anything redundant as well as quality-of-life tools for animators.

The only thing we’ve used Maya for recently are for client facial animation and rigging pipelines. Of course Maya is capable of so much more, but most of our work has been delivering final body and facial animation to clients, and MoBu is our answer to that!