Welcome, Links to Python Resources



https://speakerdeck.com/search?q=pycon+2013 PyCon!
http://pyvideo.org/video/1780/transforming-code-into-beautiful-idiomatic-pytho PyVideo.org


Also don’t forget Jason Parks python talk http://www.jason-parks.com/artoftech/?page_id=294


Agree with bjorke that eclipse and PyQT should be on the list.

This is an amazing book about GUI-programming with PyQT, which is more relevant now than ever when Maya2011+ has PyQt integrated.

Rapid GUI Programming with Python and Qt
pdf - http://pyqt-doc-cn.googlecode.com/files/Rapid_GUI_Programming_with_PyQt.pdf
source code - http://www.qtrac.eu/pyqtbook.html


Maya Python for Games and Film: A Complete Reference for Maya Python and the Maya Python API
Adam Mechtley (Author)
Ryan Trowbridge (Author)



Not Python specific, but there’s a huge list on StackOverflow.


There’s also this from MIT’s Open Courseware which is how I made the transfer from Mel to Python.

It’s definitely not all-inclusive, but it was great for getting syntax out and sorting out how to do different things.


Thought I’d pop my head in and say hey. Some of you already know me, but for those who don’t, I’m Jon Logsdon. Currently one of the two anim tool developers at Rhythm & Hues. I’ll try to post some of python knowledge and links as much as I can. Just wanted to say hello to everyone. :slight_smile:


The link to Dive into Python is incorrect - here is correct website: http://www.diveintopython.net/


Free python course : https://www.coursera.org/#course/interactivepython


the links are really helpful … thnx for sharing :):


Hi…guys…actually I am new member and glad to join this…and links related to python is of real importance for me…great work…thanks…do keep sharing:):


Hi…and thanks Adam…well I was not getting proper place to learn Python…well i have knowledge of java…
but want to learn python…will it be easy for me?


Cheers Seth,
I’ll check these from google books and get a good look at them.


thanks for the tips man :slight_smile: who knows when they cud come in handy :slight_smile:


Does anybody know if Wing IDE Personal is sufficient to remote debug and auto-complete with mayapy?


Suprised nobody mentioned PYMOTW, which is a great tour of the Python standard library with all its quirks and idiosyncracies. A good way to avoid reinventing the wheel.


Crazy python magic with Metaprogramming

Very good presentation, out of the box thinking, tons of code examples, very good rythm !


Python 3 though, so you need to do some mental gymnastics to convert to py26/27


Or use Blender on your productions :smiley:
some of the features that he covers are compatible / identical with 2.7
most of the time he mentions it in the video if this is the case.


I found https://www.codecademy.com/ also to be a good place for learning Python.