VP eval / update order? Deformers not updating when running a live link to OSC

Hey Folks

I’m trying to drive a character rig through an OSC Python library. (simpleOSC)

The data is coming through fine and I can see the joints moving in realtime in the viewport just fine, but the skinned mesh / blendhspaes on the mesh aren’t updating live. I can see the values changing in the channel box live but the mesh in the viewport doesn’t move until I move it by hand and force an “update”.

The commands are literally just SetAttr and blendhshape -e -w but they are being called by this OSC library callbacks, i imagine quite a lot of time per frame.

I guess I’m asking whats the deal with the evaluation order / VP mesh deformer update stuff and how are others gtting things like live mocap to work in the viewport.


For a problem like this, I bet it depends on your Maya version and OS, and maybe your graphics card.

I see a lot of these problems of geometry not following the bones in relation to parallel evaluation. It’s the first thing I always suspect when I’m troubleshooting. If you switch it off to DG evaluation, does the geo follow? (It’s not necessarily the fix, just the diagnosis.)

You could try updating graphics cards drivers. You could try different versions of Maya.

(Also neat. What are you driving the OSC data with? (If you can say.))

Hey clesage, thanks for the response.

I’ve tried maya 2018 / 2019 as well as on multiple machines. Updated GPU drivers. tried some different VP2 settings turned off like consolodate world. Tried legacy viewport. DG, serial and paralel.

The OSC data is being driven by a iPhone face capture app.

Also more often than I like, maya just crashes during live streaming the data :frowning:

Also tried setting the whole scene to dirty and no luck :frowning: