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Hi Tech-Artists:

Now, I serve the VFX society at work, and there are ongoing awesome free tutorials all the time.
And I know any of you whose work uses visual effects would love to know about it - however, it’s
a bit of a time to continuously posts so I would also invite you to follow/subscribe yourself to these
channels/pages/groups: (I will continue to posts as much as I can, but the stuff will sometimes be
announce later on, although I love this amazing forum)

Procedural Particle FX:

  1. cebasVT - Youtube
    `Subscribe and advise to browse the Playlists for what you want: there are many more - this is one from Joe Scarr. Will Wallace posted something yesterday as well.

Learn with Joe Scarr : Velocity Maps with tP

  1. New Series Cebasvt - Vimeo
    Again, if you like, please follow for the latest FX reel, tutorials, featured artist interviews on our Vimeo. Cebas releases today a brand new series called ’ FX Directors & Artists Have Your Say ’ and you will see something new every 2-3 weeks.

FX Artist Have Your Say New Series

And opening your mind and expertise to some more :
3) Thinking Particles Active Discussion Group  (Click and join if you like)

  1. cebas Visual Technology, Media & Entertainment Info/ News (pls follow if u like )

  2. Catching Up on Who is Who and What they are doing VFX World ( I mean for career networking ?)

  3. CG artists, Arch Viz, 3D modellers wanting the latest on rendering technology: please follow and join @
    facebook/rendersoftware & finalRender-finalToon line styles, shaders

There are more and other job fb pages as well as G+ so if you are HIGHLY Motivated, please feel free to connect with me at [email protected] - just ask and you will get.