Using xform for sculpting BS with using pose interpolator?

It seems the only way I can use the pose interpolator to make a shape is to sculpt it or a shape that is a delta. But is it possible to shape the delta by matching the verts of another geo using xform: I have a bunch of fixed sculpts to some bad poses on the rig. or rather a bunch of problem poses that were exported out, resculpted to look good, and brought back in as objs. I tried matching my rigged geo pose to the fixed pose by doing an xform on the verts. ie pose the rig the same as the sculpted pose and move the verts to match the fixed pose geo using xform per vert. However when I turn off Edit and move the arm back to bind pose, it retains that xform deformation. Maya seems to think I wanted it to change the default shape rather than use that as a new blendshape delta. Anyone know if we can use xform to sculpt the shape? Or is there a better way?

I dont know a solution to your issue.
But there is a great video on how to use the pose editor.

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This sounds like you may be looking for shape inversion.

The blendshape must come BEFORE the skincluster in your deformation stack, otherwise turning it on will not give you what you want. And it sounds like you’re putting the shape after the stack. And unfortunately, you can’t just put your sculpt before.

I have not personally used it (so you should play around and see what you can figure out!), but I know Maya comes with the invertShape command that should hopefully take a sculpted mesh, and calculate the correct deltas for a blendshape before a skincluster. I found out you should Select the base deformed mesh, then the corrective mesh, but I don’t know more than that.

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If I remember correctly using the move command instead of xform command does work for matching vtx in shape edit mode, but I have not tested that in a while.