Useful "outside" tools




Texteditor of the future[/QUOTE]
I’ve gone through notepad++ to komodo Edit and Eclipse…
but I have just started using sublime text and I have to agree.
some Vim like editing capacities with some very smart code recognition…


I must say I favor the velocity and convenience of Primary Folders. Thanks for your heads standing on that a single.


[QUOTE=ldunham1;13493]Windows Grep - search and replace tool for windows is pretty cool

and bulk rename utility is pretty useful for bulk renaming image sq’s[/QUOTE]

total commander - I will show you it on monday.


MediaCoderHq - The best encoder/program I’ve used. I’ve tried FFMPEG+VirtualDub among other combinations and this one just spits out the results in minimal time. Downside is that the website and UI is very unfriendly and takes some time to setup, after that though you can encode pretty much any format/codec you need. I have never had a video/audio-sync issue nor file format incompatibility with the program.

It’s free by the way.


JefeCheck, a sequence player with decent exr and multilayer support has recently gone free.




“an open-source program that lets you take screenshots, save them in your clipboard,
hard disk or upload them to over 25+ different remote locations”

Take a screenshot/copy text/or file, press shortcut and get a link in return.
I find it very useful and I’m using it alot.


For those who use SublimeText and Max script, someone has begun a Sublime Text Package for Maxscript over at ScriptSpot


I’ve been looking for a proper mind mapping tool for a while now, and recently found yED which is quite awesome. It never appeared on any of the “best X mind mapping tool” lists. (disable the “left click creates node” option though, that will drive you crazy)

And since I usually have tons of windows open, WinSplit-Revolution is a handy tool to arrange everything on screen.

Both are free for personal and commercial use.


[QUOTE=zortech;22335]I’ve been looking for a proper mind mapping tool for a while now, and recently found yED which is quite awesome. It never appeared on any of the “best X mind mapping tool” lists. (disable the “left click creates node” option though, that will drive you crazy)

because it’s a diagram creation tool :wink: If you look just for mind mapping there’s more specific tools available. But yes, it gets my recommendation too.
Also I came across Pencil ( recently, which is similar and also quite nice for creating diagrams and UI mockups.


Transfer huge files (great for screencasts and scene dumps for bug reporting):

I’m surprised nobody mentioned GitHub? :wink:

Package Control for Sublime Text

Packages for Sublime Text:
SubliMerge – like WinMerge
MayaSublime – send code from Sublime Text into Maya
PySide – PySide and PyQt bindings

Also, plugging some of my own stuff:

pyVFX-boilerplate – a PySide/PyQt cross-platform boilerplate for making interfaces working inside Maya, Nuke as well as standalone.


A programmer here just hipped me to Console2 , a windows terminal replacement.

If you do much Git Bash /Windows Batch / Dos / Powershell / std out via the default windows terminal (cmd.exe) ,
you may have a sense of how outdated and difficult it is for anything other than straight typing.
Copying, Pasting, and most modern editing features are a pain.

Console2 is a useful, configurable modern command shell program that you can set up with tabs for all your console needs.

I just set it up for Git Bash, Cmd, and Powershell. Very cool.


Have you tried using cmder, Mambo? (

It’s a cmd replacement, and while I’ve only just started using it, it’s really slick so far. Never touched Console2 though, so I’m not sure how they compare.


I have not heard of cmder.
It appears that programmers who used to sing the praises of Console2, which is no longer in active deployment, are now praising ConEmu

For now I’m sticking with console2 which gives me the features I want


I tried conemu, it wasn’t very stable. And all the “cool” things i thought i wanted just pissed me off. Console2 is simple and does what i need


I started to use staruml to make schematics of my tool,
The first uml designer that I come across with a nice design and more focussed on usability


Clover add multi-tab functionality similar to Google Chrome browser to Windows Explorer.


At my current work everyone uses mac and I have come to love the fast way to take print screens.
If you are not aware you can use Shift+Command+4 for a “selection/partial print screen” a different key takes a complete screen shot and so on, it then saved automatically to your desktop. A lot faster then windows “snipping tool”.

I have found that Greenshot does this without a lot of extra overhead, even though it have a lot of extra neat features.

Greenshot is a light-weight screenshot software tool for Windows.
Being easy to understand and configurable, Greenshot is an efficient tool for project managers, software developers, technical writers, testers and anyone else creating screenshots.

It is also open source which is always nice.


Really interesting tool !
Wrong url in your topic, all releaser are avaible here.


Another one from left field, but if you’ve ever had to transcode or otherwise process a lot of video data, I highly recommend elastic transcoder - it pairs nicely with Boto3 for python if you happen to work with amazon web services a lot. I have found that there is a lot you can do even in the free tiers.


I’ve been getting a lot of use out of

If you use sublime text it uses a very similar UI and command style, which makes it especially nice