Useful "outside" tools



Here’s my contribution:

  • Scope : I use it mainly to read .tga sequences, it’s fast and very light. It has a few bugs, the most notorious one being playing the sequences at the wrong FPS but you can solve this by disabling Background Cache.

  • Media Player Classic : Couldn’t let this one out :smiley:


[QUOTE=Kameleon;1080]Here’s my contribution:

  • Scope : I use it mainly to read .tga sequences, it’s fast and very light. It has a few bugs, the most notorious one being playing the sequences at the wrong FPS but you can solve this by disabling Background Cache.

This looks interesting.
Another option is DJV


[QUOTE=ofer_z;1093]This looks interesting.
Another option is DJV[/QUOTE]

Yeah, I remember using that one, but it lacks direct support for network, although if you write down the path it works… I’ll give it a try again.


You can always simply drag a file onto it, that’s what I usually do.


Check out MEncoder, a command line video compression tool.

I am using it to auto-compress some uncompressed AVI’s I am auto-rendering/compositing from Max, it works really great and is very well documented (only about a half hour of hair pulling before I figured it out).


I’ll add in TreeSize Free from Jam Software as an easy way to see what directories are what sizes… (The Pro version is actually QUITE nice also for those who find themselves keeper of the network.)

TodoListfrom an open source and generally badass task manager

I’ll throw another vote out there for Pstools and all of the sysinternals tools. I use them daily as a part of this monstrosity: Slave Utils for easy access to some basic tasks on our farm.

Also use Dropbox non stop for easy syncing of a few files between work/home. Its still in a closed beta, but sign up, they’re adding people non stop.

That and the service at LogMeIn a web based VNC on steroids. great for the ‘shit i forgot to ___________’ moments when I don’t want to drive back to work :slight_smile:


As I mentioned in the ATI vs nVidia thread, I am going to have to recomemnd Rivatuner

For nVidia users, Rivatuner grants an extreme amount of control over your video hardware. You can monitor GPU temperature, monitor and set fan speed, overclock or detune the GPU and shader clocks, and then create performance profiles that can be launched manually or triggered according to some set of conditions. There’s a ton of other stuff in there too, but what I listed is what i use it for.

I have a pair of LE 8800GTXs running in SLi, which can run really hot depending on what I am doing. I used Rivatuner to monitor the GPU temperature and fan speed in the windows task bar, and also created a couple of performance profiles that detune the cards and crank the fans up when the temp reaches a certain threshold. Now I run hitch free.

One word of advice: If you update your drivers past the version that Rivatuner supports, your performance profiles may report being invalid and get cleared, though they still seemed to work in my particular case once I had recreated them. now I just wait for Rivatuner updates.


Didn’t see this one yet.

Oscar’s File Renamer

File renamer that works like a text editor, complete with macros. Hit a accept button and files are renamed.


FileLocator Pro. It just does a brute force search for any files for any strings. Finally a search in Windows that just works. Every time.

Araxis Merge. Can’t imagine living without it. I use it pretty much for diffing any kind of content.



Really like that one! Thanks!


JReplace, a Java OS-agnostic “search & replace utility that searches and replaces multi-line text in files in a directory or subdirectories.” I like how super-simple it is. Works on all ASCII filetypes.


I’ll be pretty obvious, but misc tools that I simply couldn’t live/work without are:

Total Commander
FrameCycler Pro
Character Map

and of course



awesome tool for replacing any kind of strings, xtensions, etc for folders, i use it alot. Multiple search pattern can be adjusted, well worth a look.

my favorite text editor (mel language can be downloaded seperatly)

for sure

Date Edit

pretty handy for editing dates, simply open the Windows Explorer, right-click the file(s) of interest and choose Edit Date from the context.


so, as first-time poster let me say hello and add my list of usefool tools:

edit file-extension associations/menus/defaultactions in one place

similar to Sysinternals, but i think even more tools, and different

Filedialog auto-resizing,auto-centering, configureable view, file/folder history etc…
can’t live without this, costs a few bugs and is a bit old already but again can’t live without
Screenshots to get an idea:

forget the windows start menu and make your taskbar a better and organized launcher…
a lot plugins can give you gimmicks ( i do not use), but by default it’s very slim and has small foodprint

Erunt & Regopt:
Very small Registry Backup/restore tool with optimization option.
Backup your Registry once every few days and you don’t have to reinstall Windows+Drivers+Software, after virus/buggy driver install or defective registry files

If you got to deal with CRC/SHA/MD5 or whatever hashvalues, adds hash tab in explorers properties


By adding tons and tons of tools to gain additional tricky helpful bits and the like at some point your machine might end up in an amazing stack of layers of … “STUFF” lol

So I just thought about :

The magic wands from Mark Russinovich.

One day or another you’ll unavoidably have to download one of these to actually know what’s going on in your PC.


Maya .mel .py + Mapy + Textpad

new version was jes released

output and input. execute from any text editor to and from Maya.

Not at the mercy of a plug-in compile fer yer version.

werkin’ great with Textpad



this is an awesome copy interface:

[li]Copy files faster. TeraCopy uses dynamically adjusted buffers to reduce seek times. Asynchronous copy speeds up file transfer between two physical hard drives.[/li][li]Pause and resume file transfers. Pause copy process at any time to free up system resources and continue with a single click.[/li][li]Error recovery. In case of copy error, TeraCopy will try several times and in the worse case just skips the file, not terminating the entire transfer.[/li][li]Interactive file list. TeraCopy shows failed file transfers and lets you fix the problem and recopy only problem files.[/li][li]Shell integration. TeraCopy can completely replace Explorer copy and move functions, allowing you work with files as usual.[/li][li]Full Unicode support.[/li][/ul]
Pro version is even better.



ha - DrBob

that thing reminds me of another GREAT copy tool ( command line though )

xxcopy -

great tool to clone whole foldertrees/drive contents, including security and file/folder compression. Lot of options good performance etc…

Freeware and Pro Editions available…


All sorts of media conversion apps here. I find myself using these more and more. They are easy to use, fast, and free!


I think just about everything I use has been covered.

The only other additions I can think of are:

Sequoia View It’s a great app for visualising where all your drive space has gone.

Edit Plus is my text editor of choice, It does all the usual goodies like text highlighting, macros, bracket matching etc.