UnrealEngine Technical Artist - Full Time - Remote @ SBX Robotics

At SBX Robotics we teach robots to understand the world by placing them into simulated environments. Remember when Neo learns Kung-Fu in The Matrix? It’s like that, but for robots.

We’re looking for a Technical Artist with procedural modelling, level design and blueprint experience in Unreal Engine. You will help us revolutionize the world of computer vision, AI, and robotics by building photorealistic environments in UE4. This role is an opportunity to develop a broad “jack-of-all-trades” Technical Art skill set, learn about 3 cutting edge fields at once, grow with our nimble team, and help us build something fundamentally new. In this role, you will see the fruits of your labor make an impact in days - not in months or years. You will work directly with the founders who bring Silicon Valley experience from companies like Uber ATG, Kindred AI, Yelp and Wish.

About us

SBX is an early-stage YC-backed startup where anything is possible, a place where you have the opportunity to help build the core product and culture.

Today’s state of the art deep learning computer vision algorithms require vast amounts of data to be collected, labeled, and cleaned – this is expensive and can take months of work. At SBX, we take a novel approach. For each of our vision systems, we spin up a virtual world, train the algorithms in the simulation, and test them on real world data. By leveraging tools from VFX and video games, we can achieve results that match and outperform the state of the art, in a fraction of the time – take a look at our system in action!

Skills & Qualifications required, as demonstrated by your portfolio

  • Solid game industry experience, specifically 2+ years in a technical artist role
  • Strong understanding of visual scripting systems like the Unreal Engine’s Blueprint system
  • Proficiency with a 2D and 3D art packages: Blender, Maya, or equivalent
  • Working knowledge of scripting, including Python, bash and CG pipelines
  • Familiarity with Linux, git and interacting with the command line
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Capacity to think out-of-the-box to overcome technical challenges
  • Comfort working independently and juggling multiple projects in a fast paced environment.
  • Bachelor degree in a STEM field preferred
  • (Bonus) Houdini experience

What will you work on?

  • Build procedurally generated virtual worlds in UnrealEngine to meet our client’s requirements
  • Run experiments and analyze data with our Machine Learning Researchers
  • Create, procure, and modify 3D assets for use in UnrealEngine
  • Create photorealistic textures and materials in UnrealEngine
  • Configure asset generation & import pipelines
  • Work cross functionally and communicate with Engineering, Research and Sales to help build the best in class rendering pipeline for synthetic data.

What are you going to learn?

  • End-to-end experience procedurally creating hundreds of virtual worlds from base elements
  • What cutting edge vision-driven robots are really capable of
  • How deep learning computer vision systems are designed, trained, tested, and deployed
  • How an early-stage startup grows from seed stage to beyond

This position will be remote, with core hours in Eastern Time