Undead Labs [Seattle, WA] is hiring


We are Undead Labs, creators of hit survival-fantasy franchise State of Decay. We are a stable, professional environment where great minds and great talent build great products.

We believe that our success comes from our three company pillars:

We are all adults here.

Undead Labs is not a lifestyle, a hangout space, or a college dorm. It is a company of adults with jobs who all work together to achieve common goals and create the best possible product. We trust each other to do our jobs well, because we are honest with each other about our successes and our failures. Everybody has the flexibility and autonomy to do their job however they see fit, and everybody is responsible for delivering on their personal commitments.

We get it done.

We strive to make the best games possible and we have plenty of lofty ideas, but at the end of the day: we ship. We set realistic goals, and we meet them or we adjust our plans. We are pragmatic, not idealistic, and we do not noodle around when there’s work to do.

We love games.

We love games — not just specific games, but the very idea of games. We believe whole-heartedly in making and selling interactive entertainment. We play, research, and discuss games because doing so makes our own products better.

We are proud of the company that we’ve built and we intend to keep making it better.

Here are some of the things that an employee can expect from Undead Labs:

  • You can expect to admire, respect, and trust your coworkers, and be treated equally in return.
  • You can expect ambitious challenges. We strive for excellence and we try to raise the bar.
  • You can expect autonomy to define and shape your job boundaries, not just be assigned work.
  • You can expect to live outside of work; our respect extends to our personal lives and families.
  • You can expect fair compensation. Undead Labs is a sustainable workplace, not a hobby.
  • You can expect candor, honesty, and transparency at all levels all the way up to our studio head.
  • You can expect to love your job. In fact, you should demand it.

Here are the currently open tech art positions:
Procedural world building
Python tools
Shaders and Graphics


PS: please pm @Theodox if you have questions, and don’t hesitate to circulate the Undead Labs job page to your friends in other disciplines.

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