UE4 VFX - Earth Shatter Totem

Hey guys, I’m starting a new effect inspired by the shamans in WoW and chose to create a spell that would stand out from the other totems that they have. I’m planning to construct this system in UE4 just for speed and knowing what I’m most comfortable with. I’m still restricting myself of relying on the material editor’s complex power but still utilizing techniques like Alpha Erosion, Pannering Textures, and simple math to accomplish what I need. I’m planning to model and texture the Totem, so that’s going to be fun. Wish me luck! Any feedback/critiques will be welcome!

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Here is my first update for this effect after concept. Took really long since I had to model, texture and animate everything myself, while learning some new things but I like the direction where it’s heading. Now is a matter of time to improve and polish it, so critique and feedback is always welcome!


Second update to the totem effect. I repainted the crack textures, re-worked the entrance timing, and added a bit of camera shake.


Alright, here is the final product! I think this came out pretty nice and close to the concept I envisioned. This effect was one of the more challenging ones as I had to learn a few things and get out of my comfort zone. I was hoping to get some feedback on these forums but that’s okay. Hope you guys like it!


looks great dude! applying to blizz anytime soon?

Thanks! I actually am planning on to apply as soon as I get a third effect done for my portfolio.

Very nice … Loved it:):

Thanks! Glad you liked it