Trying to batch render using redshift

@echo off

setlocal enableDelayedExpansion

set shots=Shot_01.mb Shot_02.mb
for %%i in (%shots%) do (
    echo Rendering %%i...
    Render.exe -r file -x 1024 -y 576 -rd "E:\Freelance\...." "E:\Freelance\....\shots\%%i"

echo Rendering completed

Howdy there, this is some code I have, jsut trying to get files to render autonomously, at the moment running the script it runs the first file fine, then just sits on “rendering complete”
I can bypass onto the next one by hitting ctrl+C twice, (the batch cancel shortcut)
I presume its an issue with the loop not having an end condition set correctly, once you cancel the code it can continue until it renders the next file, then stopping on that one etc.
I’ve been manually cancelling the code as it has come to blockages, but for something that should be done over about 24 hours of rendring, its taken a whole week, because I can’t keep on top of it

Hopefully its a s imple fix :slight_smile:

(Just as an fyi it is using Maya 2022, redshift and .mb files)