Transferring Mocap Rig Anim



Rather simple question (or at least I think it is). I am bringing a mocap rig from mobu back into Maya, with anim on it. I have a process to simply constrain a maya control rig to this mocap rig and bake out so animation transfers.

However, this won’t account for having an IK setup on arms, legs, and a foot setup. Is there a simple way to figure out or get my control rig to properly match to the mocap rig for these 3 areas? Perhaps someone can refer me to some helpful info.


You can add IK’s to your skeleton and bake them out alongside the rest. The trick is finding the proper plane for the IK pole vectors. Most people find this by finding the triangle formed by the shoulder, elbow and wrist (or hip, knee and ankle), then finding the midpoint of the line from the first to the last piece, getting the middle of that line, and pushing the pole from that point out along the line towards the mid point

You may find cases where the elbow or knee locks; if that happens just skip that key and rely on the ones before or after.

There are lots of tricks to improve the results but this is the core of the algorithm.

Pole vector match help

I figured it was math!!! Which is something I always avoid. I need to push myself… :slight_smile: Thanks for this I will have to research. If you know of any links, send them my way.


I’ve had to do this a lot in the past year, so let me know if you’re still stuck afterwards. I can vouch for the second video because it’s the one that I used when I was learning ik fk matching.