Tools for Coding & Deploying a portfolio web site in 2020

If you had to create and deploy an html portfolio site in 2020 , what would be your go to tools?

with an upcoming game release, I am considering updating my portfolio site. Last update I coded the html in sublime text and deployed through ftp using filezilla. I am curious about the state of tools for deploying a relatively humble web site these days. I’m sure there is some kind of IDE one stop solution for coding and deploying such a site, but I’ve been out of the internet end of things lately.

The term you’re likely looking for is “static site generator”? And there are hundreds, depending on your language of choice. Many are written in Markdown and themes can be written in different ways.

As for deploying, I don’t know the different ways or if there are any good “one stops”, but you could git push to a server. And Github Pages lets you host a site too. (An example I found using Git Hooks but have never tried.)

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Last time I had to do this, I used and github pages.
Worked pretty well.
Time before that I used a different python static site generator, but in the years between I had forgotten how I set everything up the first time.
Odds are good I’ll probably start from scratch again next time.