Tips on broadening skill-set?


Hey there,

I’m a baby tech artist - I’ve been doing some scripting and tools dev at work (I work as a 3D Environment Artist) but I haven’t got a formal background in programming, I’ve been semi winging it as I go (mostly writing stuff in maxscript for 3ds Max at the moment)

I’m just wondering if any one has some suggestions on good courses or even just topics to investigate to get a more well-rounded, broad base of skills and knowledge to work from in the future?

Thanks in advance!


Subjective and depending on studios but these are my recommendations:

1.Learn Python, very useful for external tools.
2.Streaming and culling info (get as much info on this as possible)
3.In my studio most of the questions/problems come from various Perforce issues (so maybe play as much as you can with it, learn to diff changes, learn what streams/p4 conflicts are etc.)
4.Writing shaders

*Disclaimer some of these are quite basic but again it depends on your workplace and how familiar people are with stuff.


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