The GDC2019 Tech Art/VFX Party is here!


It’s happening! RealtimeVFX and have teamed up again to bring you the 2019 GDC Tech Art/VFX Gathering, one of the year’s biggest gatherings of VFX and Technical Artists from around and beyond the games industry. We invite VFX Artists, Tech Artists, and those curious about the field, from around the industry to join us for an evening of camaradie, collaboration, and fun!

This year we’ll be taking over the Emporium Arcade/Bar, a scant mile from the Moscone Convention Center. Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors we’ve got the whole place to ourselves for three hours, with plenty of drinks and excitment for everyone.

Unlimited tokens, open bar, DJ, and a VR experience provided by Redpill!

Thanks again to our sponsors:

Epic Games
Riot Games & RedpillFX
SideFX Software & Persistent Studios
BeyondFX & UndertoneFX

Go ahead and sign up for the event over at

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