Technical interviews at large tech companies

Since a lot of big tech companies are hiring TAs for various roles, I was wondering how rigorous the technical interviews are. Do they expect TAs to have Software Engineer-level ability and put them through Leetcode-like coding tests, or are they not that different from interviews in other companies that traditionally hire TAs? I understand that the role varies a lot from company to company but I want to get the general sense of how technical the hiring practices are in the tech industry.

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Those companies tend to be run by fairly sensible folk, who are still conscious of budgets. If you require your TAs to be software engineers they’re going to cost a hell of a lot more. So it seems unlikely.

I’m not in that position but I’ve been part of the hiring process for Film, and TV and you tend to ask questions to make sure the person can do the job you want them to, not just questions to stroke your own ego.