Technical Artist - Rendering

Work remotely. Never crunch. Completely flexible hours.

Bitwise Alchemy is a successful consulting studio composed of senior engineers from the AAA industry. We are now looking to bring on technical artists with a focus on rendering quality and runtime performance.

We work with various clients in the game industry, mostly on larger game projects. This role would be all about making things pretty and fast.


  • Generous salary
  • PTO
  • Benefits and 401k match (US only)
  • Remote full time employment in the US and Canada, and can contract worldwide.

The key to our success is finding great talent and treating them well.

  • Our studio is remote-only.
  • We absolutely do not crunch, ever. We don’t think it’s effective. Our processes are designed to prevent it.
  • Our schedules are almost completely flexible outside of a few meetings each week. Each developer has a monthly quota of hours, but how they deliver those hours is up to them.

Skills & Requirements

Example experience and skills that are especially interesting to us:

  • Unreal 4/5 experience.
  • Shipped AAA titles.
  • Console experience.
  • Runtime and static environment lighting.
  • Developing shaders and materials. Substance, HLSL, various in engine material editors.
  • VFX development.
  • Performance and optimization.
  • Leadership.

If you have some of these skills we’d love to have a chat!

Additional Information

Work Remotely

How to Apply

About the Company

Bitwise Alchemy is a consulting studio that solves the tough problems for AAA studios and other game tech companies. Our growing team has decades of experience in AAA video game development building and leading large projects. Our clientele includes some of the biggest gaming studios in the world as well as companies, leaders in other sectors, developing high technology applications.

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