Technical Artist Reel - Tools. Need help revising

This is my early draft of my reel, I had to sped up lots of the tool to compress it down and I worry that some people will not understand what is happening. Some of my co workers (non TA) are confused with some aspect in the autorigging process. Im debating on whether to just add bunch of text explaining along the way or if I should slower the video down.

Any feedback is much appreciated


The video seems down. So I don’t know what it was like. But I’ll take a blind stab at this anyway:

You did not “have to” speed it up to compress it down. The other option you have is to carefully edit it, and show relevant portions and cut irrelevant portions and then gently speed those clips up if needed.

I’m guessing solely by your description and by so many reels I’ve seen, that you tried to show the entire process in one long uncut flow, and sped it up until it reached a reasonable length. Was that the case? (I’m guilty of this too. My last reel has a screencast sped up a bit too much, but I did cut vast amounts of it, just to get the flavour of what it is doing. It isn’t a tutorial. I have written documentation for the animators for that.)

The point of a reel is to show people what you can do. And sometimes it just takes a few carefully curated clips to achieve that. Imagine if an animator wanted to show their 10-minute short film, but just sped it up to fit in their 1:00 minute reel. By fitting the entire thing instead of clips, you suck the value out of showing it in the first place.


I updated the link in case you want to see it, but you do gave a really good point. I guess i could show them the result first, then going on describing the tool. If they are interested they can watch otherwise they can skip ahead themselves. Never thought about it this way thank you clesage!

Yeah cool stuff. But there is definitely some room to cut footage. Like when you are resizing control icons, or skinning the eye region and shuffling around the vertex selection.