Technical art T-shirts

If you’ve got a link to an excellent technical-art themed T-shirt, post it here.

There’s always the [Official Tech-artists org teshirt shop] ( at Spreadshirt (proceeds go to keep the servers up and running, btw).

Note that spreadshirt has shops in Canada and Australia too… for some reason, however, the UK version does not show our store. Working on it.

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“Just say no to crunch”

VRay, but some generally apply (utah teapot…or everything has fresnel…because let’s be real. Everything has fresnel!)

And the everything has fresnel spot as a bonus:

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Curious why they made this a “lead” title :slight_smile: shirt


great comedy potental in some of these tshirts for parachute riggers and oil wildcatters:

Can we get one that just says in huge letters “Yes, that is too many triangles” ?



Also “Yes, your shader is too complex”

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And… good god, there’s a lot of python tshirts. Seems about evenly split between 2.x, 3.x and monty:

And another - this one kinda works:

This one’s cool too: