Tech Portfolio Critique/Feedback



Hey all,

I’m looking for some critique/feedback and advice on my tech portifolio website.

I’m in my 3rd year of Uni at the moment, coming up to the last months of my course. I started to make my website more tech art oriented over the past 8 ish months (Originally focusing on environments).

A lot of my work has been shaders, and more recently I’ve started learning HLSL in the hopes of being tied less to one engine.

If you have the time, any and all critique and advice would be great!


Just two quick comments on your website itself. Something is hijacking the back button on your projects. It seems after a moment, something refreshes in each project page, (I see the tab title change) and then you have to hit back twice (and occasionally more) to get back to the main page.

This is going to sound ridiculous, but it took me a few seconds to find the little “View Project” link. Especially on the Procedural Generation one, where it gets obscured by the gizmo in the image. I was trying to click on each image, and then on the big title text. Why not make the entire image a link to the project? Or at least the big title text.

I like the tutorial / blog post format. I think it is a smart way to show this kind of work.


Thanks for the reply,

You’re right about the back button, I’m gonna have to look into that.

Thanks for the feedback on the links :slight_smile: The images link to the pages now, it didn’t really make sense with just the ‘view project’ button.


i like your content, but a tiny design thing i don’t like is how the top bar is static, especially when viewing on mobile it takes up a lot of screen real estate when its not required, this makes things a little fiddly to read on mobile.