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Our unstoppable march to world domination continues – we’re experimenting with a YouTube channel!

Our goal for the channel is to provide a good place to showcase tech-art related content. Right now we’re just providing playlists of existing videos but if you’ve got original content to share let us know in this thread – we can add it to a playlist if it’s already in youtube or we can upload it directly to the channel. In coming months we think we’ll be adding some original content as well.

We also need a short channel intro, if you’re feeling ambitious, come up with something we can show on the channel page to get people interested in tech art content.

Channel editors wanted

We’d love to get volunteers to curate playlists of cool techart content and also to keep an eye on the channel… because the internet can be a nasty place.

If you’re interested in being an admin on the channel pm @Theodox.


Greetings Theodox -
I’ve been creating a .5 hour weekly, live discussions on Tech Art related topics every Friday at 12:00 pm EST and a 2 hour live Houdini session at 3:00. The organization needs a bit of love at the moment. Give me the word and I’ll move the task way up on my priority list! Thanks for making this happen!

Sure, we can feature these on the YT channel and you can also announce them in the #community channel which will cross-post them the slack and the twitter. I’m still trying to recruit a point person for the channel – starting a new job soon and won’t have a lot of free time – but this seems like the sort of thing which would make sense

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