Tech-artist website color scheme is hurting my eyes. Anyone else?

I’ve been following this website for years, but each time I come back to it, I wind up quitting because the color scheme really hurts my eyes (white font on almost black background) when I read multiple posts.
I am wondering if it’s just me.

Since this has been up for so long, I’m assuming it’s working well.

Anybody has the same issue?

Well, the CSS could be better…

Hah, I thought I was the only one. The site is fine since I don’t constantly stare at it, but I can NOT stand dark themes in code editors. It’s unfortunate because I love how they look, but it does strain my eyes also. (White text on dark background that is).

I actually had to craft my own in Vim, stealing Pycharm’s light theme…

You might want to look at something like dark reader (which has a light option to flip the colors): [so really its "Light Reader’]

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Just reading here hurts my eyes, I get bright spots when i close my eyes after reading a few posts.

Thanks for the recommendation about Dark Reader, that will work much better.

I use pycharm and I prefer dark theme, just not white text.