Tech artist recognition protocols

The 2020 Game Developers’ Conference is on the horizon (it’ll be in San Francisco March 16-20).

This is always a highlight of the tech art year. We’ll have the Tech Art Summit (formerly known as the “bootcamp”) on Tuesday the 17th – a whole day of tech-art related presentations . From Wednesday to Friday our own @Jeff_Hanna will be hosting the annual Technical Art Roundtables, which have been a key way to grow our community.

Don’t forget to ask for a ribbon for your conference badge when you check in at the show! If you want to increase your tech-art visbility you might also want to grab some TA gear from the tech art schwag shop – it’s great for helping TA’s spot each other in a crowd and the (rather minimal, alas) profits got to help pay for our operating costs.

If you really want to geek out hard, you might want to pick up one of these babies:

That’s an Adafruit PyBadge, a small programmable board with a 160x120 LCD and a bunch of buttons. It’s similar to an Arduino, but it’s programmable in MakeCode Arcade or in Python. They run about $35. It could be a fun way to spice boring old conference badge. Show off your mad Python skillz to the other TA’s. Rumor has it you can even run a stripped down version TensorFlow – maybe you program it to understand chitchat at our big noisy Tech artists social (details to be announced shortly).

This, unfortunately, doesn’t have any tie-in to the site; it’s just cool nerd-out material


I’ve been looking for a vague excuse to get into tiny computers…

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