Tech Art Reel/Portfolio. Need some feedback (:

Mostly pipeline/tools but also generalist work. Would appreciate any feedback/critique so I can revise it before sending out some applications.

Portfolio Reel


For the reel, I would suggest having the title card with your name last two seconds, max. Don’t waste anyone’s time. I would also suggest going with a much more subdued soundtrack. No music is fine as well. It’s not awful, but it’s currently toeing the line of ‘not quite professional.’

Put your tech art first. Make it clear you’re making a tech art reel, not game design reel. Don’t be afraid to cull things that aren’t relevant. Quality over quantity.

Instead of starting with chess, I’d suggest starting with tools, the most obvious tech-art portion of your portfolio and in my opinion the most appealing to employers. Then move on to the less tech-y art, then finally the game programming (but not too much). Be sure to make it clear what you did or did not work on. Did you do the chess models or just the destruction? You show the chess game, did you program the entire game yourself? Put text in the video on every section to be clear on this.

“ And I didn’t know Houdini existed yet.” I’d leave that off your portfolio. Show confidence.

This as well: “Unfortunately this didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped in practice since we were constantly packaging to iterate anyway.“ A portfolio is meant to sell yourself to employers. If it comes up in an interview, then be honest and frame it as a learning experience. What matters here is the work you did.

Tech art is very broad and this advice is based on my own personal experience, but I hope it will be helpful to you. You’ve got some good stuff!

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Thank you so much for the feedback, I really appreciate it! Too bad about the music, but I can find something else. And I wasn’t sure how to say “I made everything except the sound/music” but I think I’ll say something like that.

Also thanks for saying I have some good stuff, that’s super motivating (: