TAO Github repos

If you’ve got a github project you’d like to share with the community include a link to your repos in the reply.

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Here’s a couple of mine:


Here you are : )

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My humble animation (and a couple rigging) tools:

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Here is my most popular toolset, I recently added it on GitHub :slight_smile: :

Out of the box pipeline for full CG projects (Maya, Houdini, Arnold and Nuke).
A lot of tools for the Arnold.
Check pipeline wiki for details.

Here’s the Github repo for my PyMXSCom project, which lets you execute MaxScript and/or Python into 3ds Max from an external code editor.

Red9 StudioPack

Our Open Source Animation Maya Pipeline codebase

Git repo for the 2016 Devkit

I’ve re-opened this topic for future posters

This is a small python package I have recently written. It attempts to ease the pain on those few occasions where you want to encapsulate and bind functionality but do not have a clear hierarchical structure - making inheritence tricky:

Examples might be Asset Management - where perhaps an asset could be a Skeleton or Mesh or Both (and you want to avoid deep hierarchies). A rigging example might be where you’re operating with objects which might have distinctly different behaviours exposed - such as FK properties, IK properties, Spline properties - each property exposing or altering values but where they have no hierarchical form between them.

And something a bit more experimental:

A Spline made for rigging ropes and tentacles. Each CV can blend between locking and sliding natively.

Maya has a relax brush so, why do they not have a relax deformer? Options to turn reprojection on/off, and pin or slide along hard edges or boundaries.

An artist tool and node to efficiently deal with hundreds of blendshapes, and their combos. Plus tools to automate things like rig correctives, splitting, and reduction. Like the Maya shape editor, but better (IMHO)