TA nights - Trying to kick it off with a rez session

Hey everyone,

this came up in a discussion on Slack and i would like to give it a go and see how well that works.

The idea is to have a session on a specific topic (e.g. “Automating releasing of python as a rez package on windows”) that would then transition into a more open Q&A / Discussion / Hands-on session. As you can likely tell i have no fixed plan yet nor am i sure how good that works. But it sounds fun to me and i would like to give it a try and some people on Slack seemed interested too.

In order to move this forward i would like to find out what are possible time slots that work for as many interested people as possible. I have created a poll to find out about general availablility. Next would be a more specific poll to find a specific slot to kick this off.

You can find the poll here: What time slot would work best for a casual live rez session? | StrawPoll.com

Eager to get your input!



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