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Hi guys,

Recently I started to go down the rabbit hole of possible art/tech job possibilities that are connected to entertainment like games or movies. I was trying to find some good sources to try and learn more about it, especially the aspect of coding and 3D - but considering how many responsibilities and things you can do as a Tech artist, I felt a bit overwhelmed by the things I need to learn and I am not sure where to start first.

Are there any recommendations on what I should go with at the beginning? Any specific fundamentals that could help me out in the longer run?

I want to add that I have some mild experience with coding but nothing serious, and I will be entering the University for the multimedia degree (basically everything that has to do with digital space like 3D, 2D, design, animation etc) but I would like to start as early as possible as I know that often times Tech artists are expected to have some experience in the field before they can even apply to jobs and all. (and considering the current state of AI art I am just concerned that without exceptional skills it might be hard for me to find a job after finishing my degree in 5 years…)

Anywho, I would really appreciate some help and thank you for your understanding and patience!!!

Welcome to tech art and animation!
As it is such a wide field - find something you are interested in. If you look at it in its entirety you will be overwhelmed, so narrow down your scope.
For me it was to support the art field that I wanted to do which was animation, that has lead me down a 13 year path that has touched on many topics.
You might also find it easier to not look too far into the future, take it one step at a time.

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If you are just getting started in school, a great way to pick up the tech-art mindset is to make yourself useful to your classmates as they spin up various projects. Ultimately, helping people figure out problems and unblocking their creativity is the heard of the field – so don’t be shy, step up and volunteer to fix things.

And, once you gain a reputation for being a helpful person who makes things work… well, you’ll suddenly discover how interesting programming is when the alternative is fixing everything by hand!


A common question these days, with several threads:


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