Some forum bugs

Didn’t catch this mentioned and thought I’d flag a few things that’s been going on for the past few weeks, maybe more.

1. Sign-up is broken

No new members allowed. :frowning: Looks related to parts of the site coming from another domain.

Here’s what signing up looks like.

Here’s what signing up with Google says.


Here’s what GitHub says (which may work, I wasn’t able to test beyond this).


2. Logo is broken

I only get text, probably related to (3).


3. Non-secure warning in Firefox

I think because some assets are coming from

There are two routes in – and The HTTPS config for the domain is broken right now, I haven’t had the chance to poke at it but it’s probably at the level of cloudflare.

The single-sign-in options go through the domains, I think, because the website transitioned before Rob G gave us the old domain rights. Some SSO options (google, I think it was) are not very friendly to multiple alternative SSO addresses.

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