SoftMod to specific joint influence?

Hello Dev’s! i’m pretty new in scripting influences and skins.

I want to do it in python.cmds as i’m not used to do API at all and to keep my code consistent, to not lose myself on something i don’t clearly understand.

I wanted to know if someone knows how to create a softMod and transfer his weights to a specific joint influences for a given skinCluster. Not a soft selection, a softMod.

SoftMod A --> transfer weight to joint A on skinCluster1 for exemple.



What are you trying to do exactly? Are you just regretting using a softMod and now want to transfer it to skinCluster? Or are you planning on doing this often, like a tool? And if so, why? (I ask, because it might lead to a better alternative.)

Otherwise, this technique from Ryan Porter might interest you. He shows a way to make the softMods work in parallel without interfering with each other or double-transforming:
Example file:

hello Chris! i want to make it part of a face skin process, i mean i would like to store joints position, get the closest face or vertex and create a softMod at this postions, store the weights and send it to the selected joint. The goal is to have a first pass of skinning based on soft deformations.

I found this, wich is pretty close, but it’s API and it’s based on soft selection, so you can’t really add small rig on top for the user. At the end i would like to be able to edit de skin by moving/offseting/change fallOff of those softMods then transfer again new influences.

I’m quite new at scripting and so i miss some tech knowledge.

In my research i also found this:

This is pretty interesting but once again API, that i don’t truly understand and so i’m not able to think about how modify the code to transfer to joints instead of clusters.

Cheers! And thank you for your attention! :slight_smile: