Skinning and exporting problems in Maya

When I export my rig from Maya into Unity the skinned mesh isn’t visible and the blendshapes are, even though I’ve selected the skinned mesh and none of the blendshape mesh when I export.

I’ve tried to delete non-deformer history, but it seems to delete all history as the skinning disappears and another skinned mesh turns light green.

I usually unbind the skin and keep history when I have to change something that effects the skinning, but for some reason it doesn’t work. When I rebind the skin it doesn’t keep the skinning history. I have also tried exporting the skin weights, but when I delete non-deformer history then rebind the skin the mesh disappears.

I have exported the character before, but I had to reskin it. I separated a part of the mesh by duplicating it and then removing the top part on one and the bottom part on the other. I don’t know if this messed something up.

If you delete the blendshapes and rebind the meshes only, does that give you the main mesh correclty in Unity?