Skinned geo slipping if joints not visible. . . . maya 2017


Never seen this one before. . . I have a biped char with a pretty standard IK leg setup. At some point I noticed the feet were sliding around a bit (i.e. when I moved the cog, etc). I thought, “strange” and poked around a bit. The joints are solid, not sliding, but the geo itself is slipping, only on the legs. When I turn on the visibility of the bind joints, the skin snaps back into place and stays there. So if I have the bind joints visibility turned on, we’re good. As soon as I hide them, the skin pops off them and starts moving around. I’m in Maya 2017 update 2.

Any ideas what causes this?

Edit: just saw a similar post by nielsvaers from last year. FWIW, viewport 2.0 allows the solution mentioned above (show jnts). Doesn’t seem to work in legacy, skin is always slipping. I’m baffled.


If you turn off parallel evaluation does it work as normal. I think update 2 has some code to optimise evaluation based on visibility (but doesn’t work with isolate selected).




no dice. Thanks though!


I have the same issue here. For me it only happens on viewport 2.0. I don’t think there is a permanent fix yet. I have using update 4, and only happens on ik handles


I maybe answered something similar in the Slack channel.

Are you using a flexiplane or ribbon setup? I traced one person’s DAG all the way to some blendColor nodes. He had connected the outColor to translate or rotate.

The solution was to connect the individual outColorR to translateX, outColorG to translateY, etc. You could tell that something weird was going on because the connections to the nodes in the Node Editor were red. It caused an evaluation problem that disappeared when you turned viewport 2.0 off OR when the joints were visible. Which is strange and baffling, but there you go.

So are you using any blendColor or condition or switch nodes that are outputting a vector instead of individual channels? You might have some kind of weird type mismatch going on.


I will give it a try once im home. thank you for the explanation and I think it is very possible. I am using a ribbon setup with blendcolor as well.


Maya 2017 and 2018 in Windows do not update properly when using dx11 vp2.0 when the windows desktop theme is set to a non-Aero theme like “Windows Classic”. Not sure if this might be affecting your updates.