Skin Wrangler for Maya 2022?


Do you know any sources that have the 2022 version for this skin wrangler ( ?

I used to use the 2018 one from the forum but currently they didn’t carried over for a 2022 version (which my project is currently in :frowning: )

You should be able to get it to work by converting the code to python3 or by running Maya 2022 with python27:

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Thanks for the response.
I tried converting to py3 before but there were a lot of dependencies that it was a bit overwhelming to convert. The 2018 version is from the c3d and it contains several hierarchies to explore.

With your comment, I tried the Maya 2022 py version but there were also a lot of changes from 2018 to 2022 that it doesn’t carry over like the QT version.

Anyway, for the mean time, I’m using this tool as suggested by the people in the C3D crew.