SIGGRAPH 2018 Schedule



Hi folks,
The time is drawing near and SIGGRAPH 2018 is in a little over a month.
I have been searching for some way to access a Google Calendar of the events to no avail.
Does anyone know of a resource I can look to for this sort of thing - short of making my own calendar and filling in all the copy/paste text?
SIGGRAPH 2018 - Advance Program


So, I asked for that feature to be added to the mobile app for SIGGRAPH 2018.

Looks like it was already there, I just missed it.
When you’ve set a number of sessions as ‘Favorite’ in the app, you can go under the Favorites > Schedule and on the individual entries there’s a calendar icon. If you press that, you get another screen where you can add that event to your calendar, or add all favorites to your calendar.
Not: This is not by using the “Export All” button at the bottom.

Hope that helps anyone else out there with the same question I had.


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