Show hidden joints on Eleven Rig, Mery Rig


I want to see how the joints are used in the Eleven Rig. I have tried all the tips I can find in the forums but no luck yet. Same with Mery Rig.
Is it possible that the joins are not visible due to coding but are still in outliner?


Hey Sparky! Welcome to the forum, yes potential they could have certain properties set. I’ve put a list together we can test for. Let us know if you’ve done additional checks too:

P.s if you need a hand coding these let us know!

  1. Check the viewport show enabled list.
  2. Check if show hidden in outliner is enabled.
  3. Check if their visibility is enabled.
  4. Check their draw type.
  5. Check their radius isn’t 0.
  6. Check if they are on a display layer.

Rough code to get you started - attr and value should be changed:

for jnt in“joint”):
   cmds.setAttr("{0}.{1}".format(jnt, attr), value)


Hi Sparky,

And one other thing to keep in mind, if you aren’t aware. The displayLayer node can exist without being in the Display Layer list. So it might be a hidden layer. And those hidden layers can also override visibility/reference/color, etc.