[SF Bay Area] Technical Artists Meet-up in early May

Hi people!
Since it was brought up a few times by a few people, but nothing came out of it, I decided to organize a Bay Area Technical Artists Meet-up. I’m thinking something in San Francisco, on an Thursday evening after work, about a month from now (let’s say May 2nd 2019 - that’s a Thursday - not a guarantee, might be later depending on interest). Could you reply to this thread if you would be interested? I’ll eventually formalize this and make sure to post on the website as advised, but I was hoping to get an initial guest count / interest peaked count, even if it’s not a guarantee.
What say you?

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I’ll definitely be going to this!

I would love to join whenever I am in SF for work :slight_smile:

Scheduled for May 16th at 6:30 pm at City Beer in San Francisco, CA
You don’t need do sign up, but I just made an event on eventbrite for convenience: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sf-bay-area-technical-artists-meet-up-tickets-60715736402

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